Naomi Rabin

      One example when e-learning lived up to its promise; Erm, I’m not the most motivated online learner, but I did think the Corpus for Teachers course was well designed – as it had a range of activities to keep me engaged. I also did an orienteering course online in the height of lockdown (instructor lead) and that was great as it offered a range of activities and orienteering puzzles. But I was particularly enthusiastic about the content which might explain my positive review of the course.

      One example of when e-learning failed to live up to its promise; I did my Masters’ in Applied Linguistics distance learning at quite a well renowned university, and the content was a bunch of PDFs with written information and then a reading list, plus an email from a tutor once in a while. They said something about forum discussions but there never seemed to be much response. I didn’t mind at the time as it was a means to an end but in hindsight I would question why I paid thousands of pounds for some really quite lazy course development….