Paul Middlemas

    Past Passives jumbled sentences 


    I think getting the correct word order in passive sentences is one of the toughest challenges, so tried the jumbled sentences option. Potentially, this could be useful for students to practise the structure once they are comfortable with the grammar rules. It would be nice to be able to highlight/underline/bold the key parts of the sentence at the end, so students could see the correct structure. I would possibly be wary that students could guess the answer to these without fully understanding what they are doing, and it also relies on students having an understanding of the vocab…

    That said, I think it’s a fun activity to use and with some repetition and the competitive leaderboard element, could help consolidate understanding before students attempt a more active use of the language…

    Passive vs Active (past) gap fill 


    I think this one works better for this structure as can specifically focus on the TL.

    Out of context, not sure how useful this (or the above) would be, but I think if they were embedded into a lesson (or flipped slides) with explanation and rules of the structure, then it would be good practice and offer some nice s-focused interactive practice…