Jane McKinney

    Hello, I’m Jane

    After quite a few years of living and teaching in Italy, I returned to the UK about 7 years ago, when I somewhat reluctantly fell into online teaching.  Although the screen time can get a bit much, I enjoy working this way now.  Over the years I have taught a wide range of students, from young learners to adults and all levels of language.  I’m mainly involved in preparing medical professionals for the OET exam and became a premium provider with OET earlier this year.  I try to take opportunities to do face to face work as I’m disappointed that no one has come up with a way to share chocolate with the students online :cry:so I like going into classes where I can do this.  In particular I try to teach on an EAP course over the summer.  I’m looking forward to doing this course to get more involved in teacher training, particularly for OET teachers. :yes:I’m sure it’s going to give me lots of useful ideas and insights to put into practice.

    I’m looking forward to working with you all :bye: