Zsofia Tarjani

      Essential processing

      I also agree with @all saying that paraphrasing requires the most effort and is the most cognitively challenging task. It’s a complex receptive and productive process that can be broken down as @robert and @paul-m mentioned. I also think that the complexity lies in the fact that there are many outcome options, which can be quite daunting…on this note @azurial, thanks for raising the issue with paraphrasing tools- I’m curious too how these work at all.

      Generative processing

      Good point about adhering to the six principles and the range of activities that help us integrate knowledge- this course is a good example of all this really. Some tasks are receptive, some are productive, some require noticing, some require reflection, some are synchronous, some are asynchronous, etc…..I guess what I want to say is that the diversity of engagement reduces the cognitive load and increases motivation.