Aaron Darmudas

    Which of the six principles reviewed above do you find the most difficult to interpret? And why?

    The modality principle states that hearing verbal information is more beneficial than seeing the same information in text form. This is difficult to believe, as some students can be more skilled in listening than reading or writing. Other principles seemed relatively easy to interpret.

    I found the article to be slightly frustrating to read as the academic incomprehensible jargon used to explain simple principles while at the same time constantly repeating the aim of the study slightly exhausting. Ironic as the article is about audience comprehension. :-(

    Which ONE principle do you think might not work so well with 2nd language learners?

    Modality again as this would also as this would imply that the level of English is the same with all leaners which I imagen to not always be the case. Robert had a similar insight that I agree with.