Brenda Allen

    As these two activities relate directly back to the slide presentation, I had been trying to embed them on google slides.  I am now guessing this is not possible – as I cannot see the symbol of two sideways vs and maybe because it is not a website?

    Both activities practice grammar highlighted on the previous slides.

    The first involves students first referring back to a video of a process to assist them in creating passive sentences:

    I would have preferred to have used a simple matching activity here but could not seem to find a format that was appropriate.  When I tried to create other activities earlier, I did find the selection a little limited for my purposes – but I suppose there are more options with a full subscription to Wordwall.

    Follow up: I have just piloted this on my son and immediately realised that – in the numbers 4 and 5, where adverbs are employed – both ‘slowly’ and ‘exactly’ could equally be placed in alternative positions.  So, my question now would be whether there is a way of accepting both alternatives in cases like these?  Although, I would be more inclined to rephrase the original sentences to avoid this distraction.  (I just added the adverbs originally to create a modicum of variety and interest.)

    All in all, I don’t think the activity really works in any optimum kind of way.  Maybe a case of me following the tech rather than the tech addressing my intentions?


    The second combines practice of singulars and plurals (object/verb agreement) with practice of regular and irregular past participles:

    Although such activities may not seem very challenging, these two fairly basic and easily rectified grammatical errors are a frequent feature when students attempt the passive.  (Along with tense selection, which I have omitted at this point.)  I think plenty of simple practice of this type could be extremely helpful in remedying this – and much more fun and successful than in a workbook offering.  However, I am sorely aware of my own limitations as yet…