Georgina Lloyd

    Hi Brenda,

    You raise some really interesting points about AI and paraphrasing, for which I have no answers! However, I find the language of e-learning fascinating and the fact that we are talking about ‘processing’ – this is of course what computers are brilliant at. I’m not sure how they are developed, but they probably have a ‘processing’ capacity that in some ways is superior to a human being in that they can look at a million examples of ‘good paraphrasing’ rather than the two or three that we might show our students in class. However, what they produce at the end I don’t believe they are able to reflect on, say whether or not it ‘makes sense’ in that particular context – whether or not they have captured the true meaning of the text etc. etc. That, I guess, it still up to the student.

    Another thing that stuck me about the text was that I have NEVER heard of teaching/training being refered to as ‘manipulation’ before! :scratch: and I wonder if that is something that is particular to this field.