Georgina Lloyd

      Navigation and design: 
      I feel I can navigate the course well and I like how it is staged. Thinking about what @azurial says above, most of the time I have a Unit menu on the left, but not always!

      I feel like I want an easier way to get to the Forum. The Forum’s are embedded in the Units, which makes sense, but is there a way to see all the Forum topics and posts in one place?

      Very useful. I’m really enjoying the readings and feel like I’m learning a lot about the principles of e-learning. The note-taking activity that we did about the H5P activities specifically asked about EAP teaching. This is fine for me, but I wondered if it should more broadly address language teaching?

      I think it probably took a little longer than 4-5 hours.

      No it was suitably scaffolded, especially because of the videos explaining HP5. I think without them I would have found the website a bit difficult. I managed to work out the column one, more or less, but still need a lot more practice.