David Read

    @azurial and @georgie_l thanks for the feedback, precise and very useful. As Georgie mentions, you can navigate the course using the side menu, though this might be closed while on a course page and you can open it by clicking on the arrow (see picture below). In terms of getting back to the course home page, you can click on the course title at the top of the side menu (see picture below):

    Georgie, you can access the complete forum from the course home page, I think it needs to be a bit more prominent. But there’s a button just below the news at the top that takes you to the complete forum (see picture below):

    Georgie, you also make a good point about the H5P activities specifically asking about EAP teaching and should perhaps encompass language teaching more generally. I think we take this on a course by course basis, if the participants are mainly (or completely) EAP teachers, then we’ll adjust the content to make it a bit more EAP focussed; if there’s a wider spectrum of teachers, we’ll make it more general EFL.

    We’ll keep working to make the course navigation, content and timings accurate and suitable, your feedback is really useful in helping us do that.