Brenda Allen

    I agree that it meets Principle 9 and also Principle 8 re Cognitive Load. Otherwise, I was impressed by the number of new considerations being introduced and the level of detail now being presented along with interesting biological research. On a first reading, the last one, number 25, was the one that struck me most – that students learn more effectively from printed text than from e-textbooks and websites. I have always been quite certain that this holds true for myself but am aware that it might be less true for more of the ‘digital native’ generation – though I have had had doubts about this too. Even though I have bowed to the online mode and rarely even do personal reading offscreen any more, I am always conscious that this is a very different style of reading and one that appears inferior in many respects – one of the most relevant being in the marking of complex assignments and written exam papers purely onscreen and with technological aid – eg Blackboard. I have also anecdotally observed this in students and others – so it is salutary, if not really a revelation, to have the research confirmed and I would be fascinated to read more on this. It would seem to have huge implications, and yet the research is hardly new…