Paul Middlemas

    Navigation and design: As with the previous 2 units, I’ve found the course very easy to navigate, bookmarking the site and using the sidebar makes it easier. Sometimes you seem to get the ‘green tick’ before completely finishing one of the topics, so I find it always useful to check this (if I’ve forgotten what stage I was at).

    Content: I think I need some more time with H5P. I’ve made a couple of attempt at activities but I think taking more hours to play around with the different activity types would be beneficial so plan to do this (until the free trial expires!). This tool is already being used within IC materials at USIC, so it’s been great to get more of an insight into things…

    Timing: Just about… as above, I could so with spending more time practising using the content, and more creatively. But 4-5 hours seems a good amount of time to complete the unit.

    Difficulty: Yes, I think it’s scaffolded fine and logically, and I like that each until is beginning with the theory before moving to the tools and content creation stages..