Brenda Allen

    Hi @David and thanks for your comprehensive reply.

    1.  I re-did all the links in the alternative way you suggest, which worked, and now they fully open out onto the forum in all their glory. Huge spaces and all!

    2.  I also meticulously followed your detailed instructions for the column. Unfortunately, I am getting the same problem as with all my other attempts at inserting the ‘Dictation’ section 3 at the end. When I get to paste it over, the ‘paste’ box has a cross in it and simply will not paste. (Although it did for the two previous exercises?!?) Please see screenshot:


    I’m beginning to think I have a dud version of H5P or that it has some issue with my laptop! Anyway, as nobody else seems to share any of these annoying obstacles :cry: , I think I must move my focus onto Articulate Rise now. Thanks very much indeed, again, for your input. Much appreciated and all part of the learning experience… :scratch:

    Update:  I was hopeful I could resolve this after re-attending your demonstration just now in our online session.  Unfortunately still get a cross in the paste box (although it says that the ex is copied to the clipboard) and cannot paste the Dictation exercise into my column :unsure: