Georgina Lloyd

      Hi all,

      I thought I had posted this earlier in the week – but it must not have sent so :scratch: ..the activities I wrote about, all have been picked up on in previous threads, but I’ll leave them here anyway..

      3. The HP5 activities with the video allow for targeted practice, with feedback, and the opportunity to do it again.

      4. The video is ‘new material’ but is summarising/reviewing learning from the previous units.

      13. Emotional engagement – this is interesting and probably one of the harder ones to do on online courses. I think seeing David’s face in the video stimulates emotional engagement, as do the live sessions on the course.

      25. Mmm… better start printing out those articles! I agree with @azurial and @naomi. I think how we read electronically is also changing all the time and hugely varied (backlit, not, images, scrolling, page turning etc etc) – it must be hard to make firm conclusions. On my masters though, with the articles I really needed/wanted to understand and use in my own research, I would print them out.

      Another observation was the feeling of complete cognitive overload whilst I was reading through that list! It was so dense and packed with so much knowledge and research on how we learn… my head started to hurt at around 15… :wacko: