Brenda Allen

    Hi, here is my first stab too:


    It is highly imperfect, but it’s a start!

    1. As Zsofia expressed it, it also took me “quite a while”! I seem to have spent the whole day on it and there is obviously masses more to do to make it anywhere near serviceable.

    2. I do love the potential, the visual appeal, the way courses can be customised and sequenced, and that all kinds of media can be embedded. I’d prefer not to be too critical at this stage, as I find it takes me a while to get used to each new piece of tech – and I feel very much the novice. If pressed, I would have to say, though, that I loathed the ghost text and the way you had to fiddle about to come up with a ‘clean sheet’. Other immediate points: I did not find the editing straightforward or intuitive to me – hence am drawing a line today and will return to work on the multiple imperfections once refreshed. I am still mastering how to move effectively between functions (Edit, Preview, Share etc.) I lost quite a bit along the way, somehow, which is why I’m posting it now while at least – hopefully – it is still all there in one piece!