Robert Anderson

    I managed to pick out the following, which mostly agree with the ideas already posted.

    2. Engaging, interactive activities (not just passive material)

    3. Targeted feedback on quiz questions (improvement directed through ‘retry’ function)

    5. Safe, supportive, welcoming environment (warm welcome, positive/motivating message)

    6. Attention attracted and held by tutors face on screen and by variety of activities

    8. Cognitive load minimised (segmentation, scaffolding, audio narration, visible speaker with conversational style)

    9. Content covered in multiple ways (hearing  it, reading it, writing it)

    14. Spaced practice (opportunity to review and practice previously taught  content)

    15. Interleaved practice (review of previous content at same time as new content is being covered).

    17. The testing effect (quizzes & practice activities to test understanding)

    19. Generation effect (task requiring free recall)

    23. Error correction (learners given the opportunity to see mistakes and try again)

    24. Prompt feedback on errors (immediate answers from interactive tasks)