Robert Anderson

      Here’s my first stab at using Articulate rise:


      1. How long did it take? Much longer than I’m willing to confess to. I can imagine that  practice will significantly reduce this.

      2. Which aspects did I find easy/less easy? I generally found it quite easy to pick up through trial and error. The great thing is that you can just play around with the different options and settings without doing any lasting damage. You just have to be careful not to become too obsessive about format or it will consume your whole day. Should I go for 10 padding or 20? Oooh decisions, decisions!

      One thing I don’t like is the colour palette. It would be helpful to have a choice of standard/default colours, in addition to the infinite array of shades and mixes available, which produces a unique colour code each time. That’s unless I just failed to find the simpler option of course.