Manuel Flores Lasarte

      I think this can be a very useful tool to use with students, especially in those one-to-one sessions in which students come to check their writing. Putting some of the student’s text into Webcorp live and then going through the different steps to check their own writing can really help our students in their independent writing. Going through the different steps of using Flax as indicated by Vera would be key.

      As mentioned by Judith, introducing these tools can be time consuming but I think that only happens at the beginning. Once learners are used to the tools, I think they can really benefit from them.

      Tips that I like:

      – Using their own texts to check their own language.
      – Checking word frequency to help learners identify if the lexis used is related to the assignment question.
      – Helping students navigate these complex websites with guiding questions and worksheets.
      – Using the examples with the word(s) to guess meaning from context.
      – I hadn’t thought about the different learning preferences, but using these tools can add variety and really appeal to more analytical/visual students as pointed out by Ana.