Liane Sandrey

    I liked the connection between the three tools and the lesson itself. Students had a clear purpose which helped them to navigate these new tools. I also like the ‘novelty’ for students in using online tools rather than the more traditional dictionary. Hopefully, these tools could be integrated into students learning arsenal outside of the classroom.

    I see pharmacy students for 2 hours a week, and one concern I would have is the length of time it takes to explore one term. However, it would be beneficial to students to master the common collocations found in life sciences. I am concerned that I may overload students with new words (I think Judith mentioned this) as already these students have a significant vocabulary load.

    I liked the pace of the lesson and using materials with direct relevance to the students. Ownership of materials used in the lesson is motivating for students. I’m looking forward to exploring these tools in my classroom. (If anyone was analysing my comment, I think the word ‘tool’ would come up more than might be expected). :-)