Robert Jackson


      I have read all the posts with interest, as they say, and nothing to add this late in the day. The article seems like a condensed teaching guide with all the things I should do but don’t )

      I did underline two phrases: “The human mind processes, stores, and retrieves visuals more easily and with less effort than it does text” (p10). I guess we have been acknowledging that fact on the course, but I didn’t really get that message until now. Also, debunks the idea of learner styles a bit I guess.

      Also, “students learn and retain less when they read an e-textbook than a print textbook.” The claim is based on research (Baron, 2015; Daniel & Willingham, 2012; Daniel & Woody, 2013; Kolowich, 2014; Wästlund et al., 2005), which doesn’t necessarily mean it is right of course )))  I wonder if it is a generational thing? I don’t like reading online but maybe digital natives (millennials and GenZ ) are better adapted to it? Also maybe the editing tools have now improved and readers can engage more actively with the text now than was the case when Kolowich (2014) was published?