Anastasios Asimakopoulos

      Hello @karl-hannay That’s a very good question. Frequency is connected to lexical cohesion and how it helps construct a particular topic in a text. For example, I just read an article on bbc.co.uk and the ten most frequent content words were: fossil (17), fuel (14), climate (9), emissions (7), companies (7), cop26 (6), global (6), oil (6), gas (6) and delegates (5). Repetition of these key words is vital for coherence and cohesion, and so are their collocates e.g. fossil fuels, fuel companies, fuel lobbyists, fuel industry, climate change, climate crisis, to name a few. In addition, identifying these in student texts can help them direct their attention to key vocabulary and focus on the lexico-grammatical accuracy of these words/phrases.