Nicholas Northall

    Hi Nanees,

    Thanks for sharing your mentoring course for new mentors. It is a good idea to have a course such as this for teachers wanting to get into mentoring. I guess the audience are teachers who although experienced teachers, are new to mentioning, and so in this case, are inexperienced!

    I think it is a good idea to include of input (i.e. what is a mentor, what is the purpose of the programme) at the beginning to set the context and the background. I also think it is a good idea to include a range of input (covered in more detail in Unit 3) such as case studies, videos, templates and quizzes. You have also reflection and feedback on various tasks. The inclusion of mentor support (i.e. each mentor has a mentor!) is a good idea. Finally, I like the inclusion of action plans – this is really important to give the course participants some form of motivation to put the course into action!

    A couple of things to think about:

    • Is a six day week common where you work? If so, then do this, if not, be aware that teachers may not want to give up one day of their weekend – unless they are remunerated for it!
    • I wonder if more practical tasks (such as including some form of dummy mentoring in which a participant works with a ‘mentee’ during the course and offers them support) might work?