Kim Pedersen

    The article has been percolating around my head the last couple of days… It helped me reflect on my previous attempts to teach  students “How to use Sketch Engine” (with my own lack of confidence with the platform-it was pretty stressful). Three things I learnt:

    1.Corpora can be utilised quite spontaneously to respond to problems and queries as these arise- as “just” another pedagogic tool rather than as an intimidating and advanced linguistics skill. I like the emphasis on the “discovery ” aspect.

    2.  Using corpora can be a good way to work with  and recycle key or target vocab and a means of further exploiting material (including listening scripts) already being used in class.

    3. It’s probably more about finding creative teaching solutions rather than teaching software.

    Things I could do now in my context?

    1. Try using concordance lines to give feedback on poor collocations/ repeated errors

    2. Look for opportunities to slot in a quick corpora task in courses/ materials I’m developing now.

    I’m still not confident that I can help students know what to input to get useful results