Jane McKinney

    I’ve been teaching online since 2014 and I felt encouraged by some of the classroom management techniques observed.   It has helped my confidence as I realise that some of the points that cropped up (eg making sure they could see you on video etc) are just part of the territory for online teaching .  (Did you make my mistake of removing someone from Zoom and then realising that they won’t be able to get in again? :unsure: I’ve done that a few times but thankfully I’ve found the solution now :yes: ).

    I felt the session reflected a good range of activities that are possible online and how our teaching skills will transfer to this environment.  I enjoyed seeing how everyone had the chance to contribute, not just by doing the set activities, but by sharing experiences and so learning from one another, not just the teacher.  I liked how you managed the question about the example of “I will …” as those are the sorts of challenges that I get and it reminds me that we can’t really plan for everything.  I’ve learnt when I’ve been in these situations with students just to be honest and be open to what is being said so I know this approach will need to be adopted with trainees too.

    I don’t think I have any question apart from whether there was any difference in the dynamic in the earlier part of the course.  The group seems to be working well together and I got the impression they maybe know each other outside of the course.  Getting the group members to bond and work well together so they support each other is something I hope will be a product of my courses (but I know it’s not always possible!).

    Thank you for sharing.