Anastasios Asimakopoulos

      Hi @ana93 don’t worry. I check the forums every few days anyway.

      Yeah, these are all possible things you could do, but focussing on an aspect of your choice and asking specific questions can help ‘train’ students indirectly e.g. what kind of questions they can ask, how to find an answer and that answers aren’t always possible or objective – the beauty of qualitative analysis ;).

      For example, if I decided to work on meaning, I would ask:

      1) Look at the adjectives that go with rather. Would you say that generally rather goes with positive or negative ideas?

      2) Are there other words before or after that help you decide if the adjective is positive or negative?

      3) Study line 14 and line 16. Is the adjective realistic used in a positive or negative way? How do you know?