Brenda Allen

    Navigation and design: The usual positive comments apply.  By now it all seems like second nature, though there is plenty of variety to keep it fresh.

    Content: As above for all presentation and instruction materials, especially the recycling and revision elements

    Timing: As this unit concentrated on providing a piece of work, it would be possible to spend forever trying to perfect it and still never be satisfied. How long is a piece of string, we ask ourselves?!? As with the last unit, I endeavoured to draw a line once the next unit was upon us, as there is much more coming up to contend with! Having said all that, there is inevitably a considerable amount of time to be spent on familiarisation – even before making a crack at the task – and then on trial and error. I’m intrigued to know if anybody does achieve all this in 4-5 hours? If so, please do divulge and I will try to up my game!

    Difficulty: I find it is not so much a question of difficulty but of resolve and application. Cyberspace can be a lonely space at times and, personally, I cannot help but sometimes hanker after that sense of live creative buzz.  The actual creative process is enjoyable, albeit ‘fiddly” – as most things seem to be online – and it is rewarding (if somewhat surprising) when something halfway recognisable begins to emerge. What I do find difficult is when I cannot get to the bottom of why things have not worked in a certain way technically… It can be frustrating and even de-motivating when such issues remain unresolved, despite aiming for a less than perfectionist approach at this stage.  I find the synchronous sessions invaluable in this respect.