Judith Gorham

      Three things I learnt from the article

      1. Using corpora is like the kind of exposure we get to language over time. We learn new words in any language by exposure to them in varied contexts over months and years. Using corpora is like a speeded up version!
      2. CPD for teachers could usefully include corpora in the classroom.
      3. It can help remove the focus from the teacher as the font of knowledge (thinking about learners discovering aisle in contexts rather than being told all those different kinds of aisle, which is what I’ve done in the past.

      Two things you found interesting and want to apply to your own teaching context

      1. Learners making their own corpora.
      2. Using print outs with low-level learners, and potential for putting them on the wall afterwards.

      One thing you are still not sure about

      The amount of time the learner in the article spent finding out how to say ‘put on music’. Topic-based enquiries seem easily answered but grammar questions less so(?)