Beth Melia-Leigh

    Hi John,

    Thanks for re-uploading your timetable – we can access it now. Please find some feedback and comments on your proposed course below.

    I’m pleased to see that you included a candidate agreement – as we’ve seen in this unit, this can be a good way to manage expectations from the outset. You also include opportunities for mid-course reflection and end-of course feedback, both of which are really useful (more on this in Unit 8).

    I like how you begin the course by providing opportunities for course participants’ to reflect on their own experience of learning. As you mention that the target market for the course may include candidates with some mainstream teaching experience and/or related experience, I wonder if it would also be useful to ask them to draw on this? Indeed, I would suggest asking trainees to reflect on their beliefs about learning and teaching at the beginning of any course – perhaps coming back to these at the end to see whether there has been any shift.

    You include input on the main areas you want the course to cover (planning, LA, teaching skills), but remember to think about sequencing here. On day 1, you ask trainees to choose a skill and teach it to their group, but they have not had any input on how to do this at this point, so, for pre-service teachers, this may not be achievable. Had the course been aimed at practising teachers, on the other hand, I believe this would be a valid starting point as a means of enabling teachers to compare the approaches, procedures and techniques employed and allowing the trainer to gauge where they are currently at (almost like a TTT approach).

    I like how you have included opportunities for observation (both of the trainer and each other), peer teaching, reflection and peer feedback and I believe that this chance to put learning into practice on a pre-service course is invaluable. Just one thing to consider: what about including teaching language (e.g. grammar and/or vocabulary) as well as skills?

    Thanks for sharing, John.

    All the best,