Beth Melia-Leigh

    Hi Nosheen,

    Thank you for sharing your course timetable. I found the overview of the course, the participants, the aim, etc. at the beginning very useful in providing context. Is this a real course you have delivered/will deliver? If so, you may also find the content of the upcoming units on observation and feedback will come in handy as well.

    Overall, I think this looks like a great course. Here is a summary of the main things I think work well:

    • Experiential learning (e.g. drawing on own experience of being observed and observing).
    • Different input sources (e.g. video, samples, reflection, discussion).
    • Inclusion of both online and face-to-face modes.
    • Logical staging / scaffolding of input and tasks (i.e. moving from input and micro-practice in week 1 to practical sessions in week 2).
    • Opportunities for self-reflection and feedback from the trainer.

    All the best,