Hilary Whitehead

      Hi there

      Three things:

      I’m so surprised at the lack of research  – there seem to be so many people talking about it, I thought there would be more out there.

      Very interesting that this can help students to learn and recall better than many of the activities we would normally give them – so why isn’t it more widely used? I suppose that’s why we’re here.

      So engaging because learners can make it their own.

      Two things:

      One of my main aims to enable my students to become researchers and this now seems possible. I think in the past I’ve tried to make it too complicated. The idea that it can be used like a dictionary is perfect.

      Follows on from above really – makes their writing etc very learner centred and focussed on what they need. I’d like to be able to use this aspect.

      Not sure about:

      How much time it actually takes for a student to learn how to use it quickly and effectively – can it be as quick as a dictionary/thesaurus? Think it would have to be to be really motivating.