Sue Everest
    • What are the main differences in design and layout between Rise and Storyline?


    Rise appears to be more linear in format, using mainly continue buttons and is student-paced. A side menu can give students control to navigate the site. It can be stand-alone or lead into more sessions.


    Storyline can appear to be more interactive, give a uniform look to a course and control the completion of activities before being allowed to continue.


    • What kinds of content seem better suited for Rise and which kinds of content are better suited for Storyline?

    Content-wise Rise would appear to emphasise sharing information, although there might also be some built-in knowledge-check activities.

    Storyline seems to focus more on checking knowledge, e.g. activities that need to be completed before the student can continue.

    Both can be personalised with the use of photos, avatars and videos and offer a variety of activities; however, Storyline appears to be more interactive and have greater scope. Perhaps Rise is more suited to a stand-alone session, whereas Storyline offers so much variety that it can form the basis for a complete course.