Aurelia Cristiana Serban

    Thank you for this extremely useful input session!

    I enjoyed the easiness of the conversation, the desire to contribute (noticed by Jane as well),  the promptness of the trainer’s comments/reiterations and many other aspects of the session.

    It is obvious that the trainees had been doing the course together for some time, as they feel/look comfortable throughout. My fav part was the error correction demonstration, including the way in which the trainer corrected the trainees regarding  the techniques used.

    NB. Hope you haven’t changed mistake no 5; it’s a very useful example, a frequent mistake with the students and  an important tense for exams.  Also, it generates fruitful discussions among the trainees, apparently.

    I did not expect the trainees to have so much time to comment/share experience/bring their contribution. That’s really useful.

    Q1 (very similar to Marusya’s): How can I, as a trainer, encourage a trainee to participate in the live group discussions without making them feel uncomfortable? (Sometimes nodding in approval of the others’ inputs may not suffice; any contribution can aid the better comprehension of the trainer’s session). The q is general, not necessarily related to your session.

    Q 3. Same as Angharad’s! I do have lots of more talkative ss… Which is great for them, but they may tend to dominate the discussion.

    Looking fw to the lessons on peer observation in U5 – had volunteered for plenty last year. No spoilers yet :) )

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