Brenda Allen

      Navigation and design:  As ever
      Content: I’m not sure if I will be in a position to use Storyline much, but it was useful to see what is possible and to build up some hands on experience – however imperfect the outcome.  This is especially the case as many of the skills can transfer across different platforms, including ones still to be created.
      Timing: A few hours would seem reasonable to cover the content itself in detail.  However, again, dependent on all the variables, the tasks themselves could take limitless amounts of time and still fall far short of the ideal.
      Difficulty: It was pretty difficult for me.  Alas, this is borne out by not really having achieved my own objectives and – worse – not getting to the bottom of why I could not.  The course succeeds remarkably in leading us oh-so-gently into what can be daunting new challenges – with the scaffolding and videos perfectly pitched in this respect.  There is also lots of other help online.  (All of which takes time to locate, access and digest.)  However, right now, I am feeling there is sometimes no substitute for having a friendly and more expert colleague at hand to advise on technical glitches as they arise and to surmount obstacles which can take forever – and a day – to resolve when struggling in isolation.  Maybe this is a demonstration of the way in which online learning can work better than f2f in so many respects yet is also, inevitably, prone to fall down on the more human interface side.  No doubt it is also a matter of personal ‘learning style’, with those who are much more drawn than others to the lows and highs of lone problem solving!