Marcia Clarke

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you Nick for giving us this opportunity to view your lesson. The session was highly interactive and relaxed, giving the participants a certain amount of comfort sharing in an online session. The aims of the session was evident in the delivery and content material. I will certainly be applying the finger correction technique in my classes, with the caution given in mind. ;-)

    I am always trying to get the non-participating learners to become more active. The use of the break out rooms was very effective in getting everyone to take an active role. It was evident that giving learners multiple opportunities to volunteer and assigning questions to specific individuals, supported participation. I am always interested in methods to get participants involved throughout a lesson delivery.

    I think that the experience of the trainer was very useful in handling Q5 discussion and also the technical issue of having to rearrange the breakout room changes. My question about how to increase involvement in the online class, has already been addressed. I will be using some of the tips given.