Anastasios Asimakopoulos

    Hello @pennar Thank you for your post; it was really interesting to read about the differences between the two cohorts. I won’t make any comments with regard to the UG group as it sounded like you have used LexTutor before and that the task matched their linguistic needs i.e. UG students’ need for vocabulary development. I am interested in the experience of the PG group. Even though you mentioned internet connection was an issue (by the way, very brave of you to do this online), I was wondering how the students perceived the task or questions e.g. Were the words ‘English’ or ‘varieties’ perhaps too easy for them to study? I wasn’t so sure what you meant by ‘useful’ when you described the aim of the activity – ‘wide array of labels in English language teaching and discuss how useful (or useless) they can be for learners of English’. For example, I used the text you mentioned in WebCorp and identified the following terms: expanding circle, lingua franca, ELF varieties, ELF researchers, non-native speakers. What kind of comments could the students make in terms of the usefulness of these terms?