Nicholas Northall

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for sharing your comments and questions about this lesson. I have tried to answer your questions individually. Please do continue to comment on each other’s posts.

    Here’s a brief summary of some of the points that came up.

    It seems that most of you were keen to know about engaging more reticent trainees as well as muting (!) more vocal ones. If you want to find out more, there is a wealth of ideas available online. I put in ‘how to get quiet students to participate in TEFL’ and got a lot of hits!

    It seems that most of you thought the session was well-planned, well delivered and engaging (thanks!!!). You mentioned the change to the plan (i.e. teaching the trainees and not the plan), the use of BORs and modelling good practice. A couple of you were impressed with the trainees admitting to a change in their beliefs around error correction. Clines are certainly a good way to capture beliefs and perhaps how these change over time.

    Creating an engaging and inclusive learning environment ensures that, where possible, all the trainees are given the opportunity to contribute. Being able to adapt to changing needs and not over-plan are also essential qualities of an effective input session. Having a variety of tasks and interactions maintains engagement and involvement.

    Another point, which was hinted at, is making the use of tech look effortless. I guess the key here is practice! I must admit that I hadn’t had much experience of using zoom as a trainer before this session. I had been using Blackboard a lot, which was initially confusing!

    Including time for trainees to practise aspects of teaching is also essential, especially for new and inexperienced teachers who may only get to practise when they are actually teaching. Leaving space for trainees to volunteer their answers is essential, as is nominating where necessary.

    Finally, sharing something of yourself (be it a personal – but not too personal – or cultural) also allows the teachers you are working with to see you as a human being and not just as their ‘trainer’!

    Thanks again for your contributions. Please do continue to add any comments you may have.