Cristina Pennarola

      Thanks a lot @anastasios for your comments and suggestions. I think that maybe the article you’ve referred to is different from the one I used in class (text file attached). You may notice how many labels are attached to English across the 80 concordance lines  (e.g., Standard British English, World Standard English, American English, East Asian English, German English, Korean English,  International English (IE), NS English, Inner circle English, Academic English, etc. etc). These new’ Englishes’ are by no means clear-cut or  acknowledged by all scholars (as argued by Jennifer Jenkins).   As for varieties they’re far fewer  (ELF  varieties, NS varieties, NS standard varieties, NNS varieties) but  (at least to my mind) they encourage  interesting questions: what’s the difference between ELF varieties and NNS varieties? where do we draw the line between NS varieties and NS standard varieties?). Additionally there was some confusion over variety and variant. Looking back on the activities and readings in this and the next unit, I think that in my activity I was more focused on content than on language patterns. I wanted to encourage discussion, but failed to raise their interest :-(

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