Anastasios Asimakopoulos

    Thank you @pennar Yes, you seemed to have focussed on the content, which is valid of course, but it needs to be done with more targeted questions. For example, we can ask students to compare concordance lines of ‘NS varieties’, ‘NNS variates’ and ‘ELF variates’ and identify words to the right or left context that show the writer’s positive or negative attitude. What kind of verbs or adjectives does the writer use to talk about these three terms? For example, I found ‘describe’, ‘existence’, ‘advocate teaching’, ‘argue in favour of’ and ‘potential variants’ to the right of ELF varieties. The topic that comes out from this mini qualitative examination is that ELF varieties is something that needs to be described and examined especially in terms of variation in order to make an argument for teaching it to learners. This is just an example of how concordancing can be used to examine attitude, but obviously if the focus is more on understanding the arguments in the text, then WebCorp might not be the right task. Hopefully, you will get some more ideas from the Unit 2 and 3 readings and corpus search techniques.