Sue Everest

    I agree with all above, but here are some of my observations:

    As a learner, which types of activities did you find engaging and which less so?

    I enjoyed all activities. I think everyone likes to test themselves. In class, I’m often amazed how students are willing to share their scores whether good or bad. So an element of competition is always good. At times I found the instructions slightly confusing, e.g. in the passive test I thought you had to use the passive form. Still thought provoking as to why we use the passive.

    What do you think are the challenges of creating online quizzes for students?

    1) Technical ability of designers (as mentioned above)

    2) How to keep students constantly engaged as they become familiar with the type of activity.

    3) How to involve students with content rather than trying to score 100%

    4) How to relay new information, not just a review test.

    5) How to justify amount of work in providing an activity in relation to its content. For example, The Academic Word List activities seemed rather onerous and might have worked better if more words had been used. :good: