Anastasios Asimakopoulos

    Good morning @rmwebb! Thank you for your questions.

    Regarding your question about analyse being used as a noun. Remember BAWE is a corpus that consists of student assignments, so it is unavoidable that it will contain some errors, regardless of the first language of the student. That’s why it’s important to look at the frequency to guide us. Analyse as a verb occurs 1,440 times in the corpus (172.74 per million). On the other hand, the analyse occurs 2 times (0.24 per million). One comes from a student whose first language is French, the other from a student whose first language is English.

    Regarding punctuation, you need to search for see’s as two words: see ‘s (space in between). This is because in BAWE punctuation is tokenised. That means that punctuation marks count towards the overall token number and you can search for them.

    Finally, I think you are referring to the sentence boundaries, right? The symbol </s><s>? They come after fullstops to show that a sentence finishes and another starts. You can turn these off by clicking on the eye button (View options) – it is just before the Sample button. Then, look at the column ‘show structures’ and untick the s (see attached screenshot). This will remove the sentence boundaries from your concordance.

    Hope this helps.

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