Ana Vucicevic

      Hii @anastasios and everybody here,

      What an energetic start of Sunday for me! I have to say that I have got a lot of impressions after this exercise, mostly because of the brainstorming I experienced. My attention went in so many different directions!

      Honestly, I got all the answers after a while and presumably because I detected the discipline-specific words (for instance infection and resistance in Life Sciences or program, robot, network in Physical Sciences). However, other words applicable to all fields (technology or theory) made this assignment a bit demanding for me. This is something @dbtekid mentioned as well. In that sense I agree with him and @rmwebb on the question of the purpose of the exercise.

      As for usage in class, it depends on learners, but:

      – to make it easier: I would perhaps put less of those generic concepts and introduce more discipline-specific ones;

      – to make it a bit more complex: @judith-gorham I liked your ideas very much, checking the right and left contexts perhaps combined with some advanced search filters. It could be interesting to try to elicit collocations of the same word with a specific focus on everyday vs disciplinary use and the use in different disciplines.

      As for  some other tools you mentioned in the guide (teacher development section): Hask looks nice, particularly with all those options for making visuals. Still, at first glance, it seems a bit complicated for a laywoman like myself.  :scratch: :-)