Robert Anderson

      Here’s my updated version. I transformed an existing activity into a more interactive drag & drop task, and inserted a short multiple choice quiz as an additional knowledge check.

      It took me ages to re-engineer existing slides. I think having a more powerful computer with a larger screen would have made the process a lot quicker. Also, I waste quite a lot of time flipping between edit and preview modes, but you simply need to know if & how it works in order to make adjustments.

      1  How does creating quizzes in Storyline compare with, say, H5P or Articulate Rise?

      Storyline seems a bit more time-consuming for creating quizzes but I guess the advantage is that it looks more integrated in terms of style and format.

      2. Is there anything in the quiz tools that you still find confusing (e.g. Why can’t I do….? Is it possible to…..?)

      No questions for now. Off to sit in a dark room to recover.