Brenda Allen

      I’d endorse all that Robert has covered in his video. One crucial role of video (and possibly audio in some cases) in an online course is to bring the teacher’s presence into asynchronous lessons.  Clearly, too, both audio and video provide irreplaceable models of pronunciation, intonation, connected speech, accent, register etc – and also of structure.  However, the best thing about video for me is that it brings real life into the classroom – virtual or otherwise – especially when the video is ‘authentic’. (Though scripted ones for ELT/EAP purposes have their uses in a different capacity.)  It is also crucial for providing topical and relevant content for exploitation, providing a sense of immediacy and personalisation. Whilst video may once have had novelty value, it has long been an indispensable means of relating to students who, by and large, are immersed in a world of multi media. As such, it can be at its most effective when students take ownership and produce their own videos as a contribution to the overall learning experience.