Zsofia Tarjani

      As a learner, which types of activities did you find engaging and which less so?

      All of them  are engaging really but I can see @naomirabin’s point about fatigue. As a learner, probably I like consistent layout but a range of different interactions, both of which are achieved by these materials. What I do not really like about storyline as a learner is that I can’t go back and forth as I like…I like flicking through things before doing them to have an overall idea of what’s ahead of me, which is not possible in Storyline.  Probably storyline embedded in rise would be the ideal online content for me as a learner.

      What do you think are the challenges of creating online quizzes for students?

      I can’t add much to what has already been said.  The question I have probably been thinking about  is how much useful feedback we can realistically build in the activities- something similar was mentioned by @robert too.