Jane McKinney

    Here are some thoughts from Group A (John and Jane)

    For a novice teacher, we were pretty impressed with her performance.

    Positive points
    1.  Good range of activities on a familiar topic, staged appropriately to allow input and repetition.
    2.  Implementing checking techniques to ensure students understood instructions
    3.  Positive and enthusiastic manner and had generated a productive environment

    Areas to work on

    1.  Board work – write with larger letters and don’t use red pen.
    2.  Visuals – seemed very small and flimsy – maybe mount them on card and have blu tack to put them up on the board? (Who remembers their early teaching days with a teaching box full of classroom essentials?)
    3.  Tighten up on some of the phonology points being made

    Because we weren’t too clear on the aims, we weren’t sure how she could potentially personalise the language a bit more.  There’s also the suggestion of using a classroom timer on the board  to help generate a bit of pressure for some of the activities.