Angharad Vernon-Hunt

    Here are a few thoughts I had on the lesson plan that Gabi posted above:

    1. Does the plan have clear and achievable aims? Yes, though I’m sure there could be a subsidiary aim to this lesson also?

    2. Is the plan clear and easy to follow? It is, though I would probably suggest to a trainee that the language analysis section come after the procedure, and the background info on S and timetable fit etc come higher up in the plan.

    3. Is the procedure logically ordered to meet the lesson aims? It seems to be yes – and looks like a ‘model’ has been followed.

    4. Does the plan include some variety in interaction patterns and tasks? I think there is a good amount of variety in tasks here and whilst the interaction pattern isn’t shown (it might be an idea to get the trainee to include this to encourage them to think of the lesson from the learners’ point of view..) from what I can see there is enough variety.

    5. Does the plan fit into the wider course aims? The course aims are unknown but previous lessons (grammar) are noted so some consideration to how it fits in with previous learning has been given which is good.

    6. Do you think the plan will meet the learners’ needs? It looks like the lesson would help meet the main aim of the lesson. The assumptions section also goes some way to addressing this – though perhaps more info on the wider course aims would be helpful to answer this more accurately?

    7. And any other ideas you have. I thought a chance for the leaners to reflect on the TL of the lesson would be nice – i.e. how often they think they might use it. They could also reflect on the lesson as a whole with a question like What do you think you will remember from the lesson?  which could be helpful for the T to see what S engaged with mostly, and could inform future planning for this group. I particularly liked how S were encouraged to personalise the TL to make it more memorable and think the lead-in sounds very engaging and would likely be appropriate for a wide range of learners.

    Thanks for sharing it Gabi!