Paul Middlemas

    I’ve added a few quiz questions (MC, rearranging a sentence, writing a sentence) to my  passive slides.

    I changed the background for these ones but didn’t go back and edit the previous slides, so it’s inconsistent as a presentation…

    1  How does creating quizzes in Storyline compare with, say, H5P or Articulate Rise?

    It might be because I didn’t create this in one sitting and was rushing that I didn’t find the flow, and I think I need to practise a little bit more with the buttons and so on. I also don’t/didn’t have a clear idea of what activities I was making, so with a bit (or lot) more thought here, e.g. a clear storyboard, then it will be beneficial in terms of coherence and consistency. It was a bit of a rush this week.

    I found Rise more straightforward and user friendly, but recognise this is a different tool completely and the buttons etc. add an extra level of complexity (in my opinion).

    2. Is there anything in the quiz tools that you still find confusing (e.g. Why can’t I do….? Is it possible to…..?)

    Not really confusing, I just need to spend more time practising, and as noted above, having a clearer vision of what I am planning to do hopefully will result in producing something better…