Paul Middlemas

      What do you think video adds to courses…?

      I agree with the comments made by @robert in his video, and also with Brenda’s @azurial points, especially the ‘immediacy and personalisation’ which video provides. I think you both also mention that there is a student expectation to provide input and activities through this medium.

      I think most the points I want to make are covered in both your posts, and @naomirabin ‘s  comment, that video can personalise content, which gets/keeps students engaged.

      The examples above vary in their content and objective, but they all have a range of multimedia (video, pictures, text) and all have high level of student control (clicking, can go back and repeat, can pause, and so on..) which may be more limited without video.

      I’ve used EdPuzzle before, but never the self-created content. This was a good example of how videos can be tailored towards specific aims which definitely can add to the quality of a course.