Rhian Webb

      @anastasios Hi!  I have been thinking about the terminology I use in class with my students when teaching using a corpus-based language approach. The following words are still a little unclear to me and I was wondering if you have a set of definitions that you use with your learners for: frequency, common and typical. (I know I could do WSD on [common] and [typical] and I might just do that now!)

      Also, some course books introduce terminology, such as, strong collocation or weak collocation. I was thinking about what these terms mean and how we, as teachers, might help students grasp the statistical significance of ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ as I imagine it is connected to statistics like ‘strong/weak’ correlation. My Chinese students could almost definitely get their heads around the numbers which pop up when we do corpus queries.

      Any thoughts or guidance on where to go to get/find some easy-to-grasp definitions for these terms would be much appreciated. :mail: