Angharad Vernon-Hunt

    Hi everyone, apologies for the delay in posting these but Nosheen and I have settled upon the below key strengths and areas for improvement for the trainee teacher that we observed – I promise we haven’t looked at the feedback form that Beth shared above yet ;)!


    1. Use of ICQs

    2. Her friendly and approachable manner (including giving something of herself away when she spoke about learning poker at a young age.)

    3. Good range of activities / interaction patterns


    Areas for improvement:

    1. Whiteboard use – red pen better for highlighting/phonemes etc!

    2. Visuals – the bits of paper at the beginning were fiddly and didn’t seem very professional

    3. Use more nomination during f/b and get involved more when monitoring to allow her to meet one of the aims of the lesson – to get to know the students and learn their names.