Anastasios Asimakopoulos

      Hello @pennar. That’s a great idea! I am a big fan of examining semantic prosody in concordance lines! Regarding the broad disciplinary groups, I could perhaps say that your confusion is normal because this is one of the issues that corpus developers have to deal with when building a corpus. These broad disciplinary categories in the BAWE (AH, SS, PS, LS) were determined by the developers by examining the assignments they had collected from each discipline. It was also worth remembering that the assignments came from four different universities (Warwick University, Reading University, Oxford Brookes University and Coventry University towards the end of the project), and that might have made the task even more challenging since universities tend to differ in terms of how faculties and departments are organised. For example, here at the University of Sheffield, the School of Architecture and the Department of Urban Studies and Planning come under the Faculty of Social Sciences, with education, law, economics and journalism to name a few other disciplines. So, if I was doing research I would have to decide whether I keep architecture in social sciences or group it with physical sciences. It is one of those hard decisions corpus developers have to make. Hope this helps a little.